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NYSAECTE Position Statements

Early Childhood Content Specialty Test

This a proposal to revise the New York State Multi-Subject Content Specialty Test (CST) for Early Childhood Education (birth - grade 2).

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Early Childhood Extension

This document provides recommendations for an early childhood extension for individuals who earned Childhood Teacher Certification and are interested in seeking an Early Childhood (B - Grade 2) certification.

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School Administrator Proposal

This is a proposal for the support of policy and legislative on initial certification of professional school building and district administration.

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In the Field

edTPA in New York State

Presentation by Beverly Falk.


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2013 edTPA Field Test Summary Report

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Video Playlist

Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige: TED talk

"When we watch children play, we understand how central play is to healthy development — to children’s emotional, social, and cognitive health and learning. Through play and hands-on activity, children build ideas and relationships that become the foundation for success in school and life. Today’s overemphasis in schools across the country on standards and testing is pushing down to younger children and resulting in more and more direct instruction at the expense of play and active learning."

Doris Fromberg: TED talk

​"There is research that points to the fact that kindergarten children do better in standardize test when their teachers have professional certifications and preparation to work with young children."

  • Hillary Clinton in “Too Small to Fail”
  • "Are We Crazy About Our Kids?" The first release from a broader series called The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation by California Newsreel
  • "The Importance of Building Adult Capacities to Improve Child Outcomes" from the Frontiers of Innovation at Harvard University
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